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Satan at work

Satan at work
November 07, 2021 07:21AM
There's a Christian band daring to go by the name of the Move:


Once again, to every band guilty of the very easily avoidable sin in this day and age of swiping another band's name, NOT ALL THE NAMES ARE TAKEN. (For instance, this gaggle of God-addled goons could very easily moniker themselves Bland Uninteresting Tools of Oppressors Co-opting a Religion They Neither Understand Nor Make Any Attempt At Truly Following, and cut to the heart of the matter much more accurately.)

They apparently are self-aware enough to label the video as being by "The Move Band", but the links in the description very clearly show they're going by The Move. The most blasphemous false prophets since the 80s (or maybe early 90s) when a Christian husband-wife duo attempted to peddle their slop under the name "Sparks."
Re: Satan at work
November 15, 2021 03:25PM
I would have been amused if (at a later age) a fan of the Christian "Sparks" got rerouted to the Mael brothers.
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