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WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.26

WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.26
January 26, 2021 09:47PM
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.26
January 27, 2021 07:23AM
0101 Kali Masi - Trophy Deer
0102 Miss Grit - Impostor

0201 The Dictators - God Damn New York
0202 New Pagans - Christian Boys

0301 Michael Beach - De Facto Blues
0302 Black Country, New Road - Track X

0401 Editrix - Tell Me I'm Bad
0402 Madeline Kenney - Wasted Time

0502 Tomahawk - Business Casual

0601 Goat Girl - Badibaba
0602 Brodka & Scottibrains - Wrong Party

0701 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Pukebox
0702 RAW PLASTIC - Hazy

0801 Yawning Sons - Shadows And Echoes

0901 Push Button Press - The End of Time
0902 Antonioni - Mouth Breather

1001 shame - Nigel Hitter
1002 GHLOW - Hold On

1101 Sheer Mag - Crushed Velvet
1102 Anna B Savage - Corncrakes

1201 Glitterer - Didn't Want It
1202 MYTBE - only asking

1301 Yard Act - Dark Days
1302 The Skinner Brothers - Low

1401 PONY - Couch
1402 Kitty Kat Fan Club - Choked by the Weeds

1501 Sleaford Mods - Nudge It (Ft. Amy Taylor)
1502 Katy Kirby - Juniper

1601 Kiwi Jr. - Waiting in Line
1602 Olivia Kaplan - Wrong

1701 Timeshares - The Boot (GTFO)
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.26
January 27, 2021 09:14AM
I didn't realize the Dictators had reformed - with Albert Bouchard in the drum chair, no less, and without Handsome Dick. (I guess his abuse of his girlfriend was the last straw.) I'll have to check that out.
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.26
January 27, 2021 02:57PM
Ross “The Boss” has intimated there’s more where that came from... cool smiley
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.26
January 27, 2021 03:38PM
Good news, that.
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.26
January 27, 2021 03:51PM

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Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.26
January 27, 2021 12:39PM
Madeline Kenney - Didn't like this song all that much, but explored some of her other stuff that I liked better. I would bet she's a big Cocteau Twins fan.

Yard Act - I like it! Another in the TV Priest, Fontaines DC mold of Fall-influenced band.
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.26
January 27, 2021 03:52PM
Re. Madeline Kenney - the new self produced EP is more of a stopgap release. It’s certainly “dreamier” than last year’s full length, and definitely expands on the Cocteau Twins vibes she’s been putting out...

Re. Yard Act - hopefully a debut album isn’t that far away...
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.26
January 27, 2021 05:10PM
Another great show 801, I'm amazed how much great new music is still being produced under these appalling conditions.

There were a lot of not-so-old favorites this week which I discovered thanks to your good services. This includes Miss Grit, New Pagans, Editrix, Goat Girl, Push/Button/Press, Antonioni, MYTBE and Sleaford Mods. And to think that when I started listening to your show, I would recognize maybe two names each week ! Thanks for furthering my musical education.

I see that Psychedelic Porn Crumpets have not heeded my call to change to a better band name. In fact they managed a perfect trifecta with an awful bad name, awful album name and an awful song title - and yet it's quite a catchy number. That's really next level. Regarding the Dictators, the song was super catchy and would be a great addition to the small roster of songs played in sports stadiums (once this damn pandemic ends). Not that's it's likely to happen.

In terms of discoveries warranting some deeper digging this week, I'll mention Kali Masi (those first few notes were an outstanding way to open your show), Michael Beach, Raw Plastic and Pony.

I'm your weekly dose of positive feedback.

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Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2021.01.26
January 28, 2021 04:35PM
I appreciate the positive feedback, Philippe. Most days, I think I’ve missed the plot until it goes out over the air and I invariably realize how it has all managed to come together.

There certainly is an impressive array of new tunes to sift through, that’s for sure. I was down to almost nothing by the end of 2020, but what a difference 2021 makes...

Re. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets: I couldn’t agree more. What were they thinking?
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