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WSLR's InTransition: 2020.10.06

WSLR's InTransition: 2020.10.06
October 06, 2020 04:31PM
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.10.06
October 06, 2020 11:01PM
0101 New Pagans - Yellow Room
0102 IDLES - Model Village

0201 James Williamson & Deniz Tek - Stable
0202 Suzie True - Bailey

0302 Sarchasm - Green Hornet

0401 Big Mother Gig - Past The Sun
0402 King Of The Slums - Faux Faux La Bardot

0501 Keep Shelly in Athens - I See In Your Mind
0502 Goat Girl - Sad Cowboy

0601 The Spits - Breakdown
0602 Peach Kelli Pop - Stupid Girl
0603 No Thank You - Letter Writing Contest

0701 BleakHeart - Dream Griever

0801 DFMK - Mal Presentimiento
0802 Red City Radio - Baby of the Year

0901 NOTHING - Bernie Sanders
0902 Quattracenta - It Gave Way

1001 Hen Ogledd - Space Golf
1002 Sad13 - Ruby Wand

1101 I Love Your Lifestyle - Shilly Shally
1102 MOLASSES - The Devil Lives

1201 Working Men's Club - Valleys
1202 Good Sad Happy Bad - Pyro

1301 Jetstream Pony - If Not Now, When
1302 Japanese Television - Falling Spikes
1303 Sports Team - Camel Crew

1401 Loma - Don't Shy Away
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Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.10.06
October 08, 2020 05:17PM
Nice to see Loma smiling smiley Such great people. Incidentally Sad13 (Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz) is on the new full-length cover album of Mirah's You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This.
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Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.10.06
October 12, 2020 09:50PM
zwirnm: I gotta say, Loma and Sad13 have been the surprise hits of the year for me - so consistently enjoyable. Good to know about Mirah’s cover album...

Philippe: Thank you again for your feedback and listenership. I start out every week with nearly 4 hours of handpicked tunes which inevitably gets whittled down to just under 110 minutes of music which may account for the perception of quality. Even crappy band names can’t lower the tone (I’m looking at you, I Love Your Lifestyle).

The Williamson/Tek collab was an eleventh hour substitution I’m glad I made - totally lived up to my expectations and fully warranted reworking the set list.

The Molasses track intrigued me the first time I heard it. I, too, thought it was two distinct songs gently cross faded together, but I accepted it as one piece. The band’s backstory is compelling and more than a little bit sad...
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Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.10.06
October 13, 2020 10:13AM
For those that don't know, Molassess (yes, they added the extra "s" for some reason) is the latest outgrowth from the great but doomed (no pun intended, sorry) occult rock band The Devil's Blood. TDB kicked off this whole 'aughties witchy hard rock thing, which has given me a great deal of pleasure over the years. Ghost gets all the headlines, but TDB was there first.

TDB was led by guitarist/songwriter Selim Lemouchi, who sadly committed suicide after the band's demise. Molassess named itself after one of his solo songs. Ghost also paid tribute to him with the song "He Is."
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.10.06
October 16, 2020 12:03PM
Finally listening to the Molassess album, and it picks up right where The Devil's Blood left off. Great stuff. Thanks for the nudge, 801!
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Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.10.06
October 08, 2020 01:18PM
Another great adventure in the land of new music, 801 !

Weekly highlights are the first track by New Pagans, Goat Girl and Jetstream Pony, although I must say the quality was very high from start to finish.

I was sure James Williamson had passed away somehow, so it was nice to hear some new music from him, and with his long-time admirer Deniz Tek, no less. I liked the song by I Love Your Lifestyle, but it's one of the worst band names I've run into in quite a while, so it tempers my enthusiasm. The next track, by Molasses, sounded like two different songs by completely different bands played back to back; both were good in their own way, but are you sure you didn't mistakenly play an addition uncredited band ?
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