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Grab Grab the Haddock on Cherry Red Records

Grab Grab the Haddock on Cherry Red Records
August 02, 2004 10:09PM
Wow! I just heard them on the "A Fine Day & A Brilliant Evening"
Cherry Red 1983-85 CD compilation and couldnt believe the negative Trouser Press review.

These are brilliant, stellar pop songs by a former Marine Girl (Alice Fox), and true, they're not Tracey Thorne/Everything but the Girl but thank God for that.
A lot of these prototypes for twee pop (for lack of a better term) were seriously misunderstood and are only now starting to get any sort of critical praise, so for that, I say, thanks Cherry Red for releasing these obscure 80s alterna-pops from the vault.

These pop songs still stun today. I dont know how I missed them before and thank God they're around in 2004!

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Re: Grab Grab the Haddock on Cherry Red Records
August 17, 2004 07:01PM
This is a fine CD which I bought for the JANE & BARTON stuff.I have quite a collection of Jane music but it should be pointed out that she is NOT the Jane in the Marine Girls in spite of some Indie encyclopaedia saying otherwise.
Pity the Marine Girls spin off had such a dumb name.
Many of these artistes can be seen on the PILLOWS & PRAYERS video on Cherry Red

Richard Astley-Clemas
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