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ZOUNDS (Buy CDs by this artist)
The Curse of Zounds! (UK Rough Trade) 1982 (UK Rugger Bugger / Gap) 1993 (UK Broken Rekids) 2001

Someone must have slipped one of those post-anarcho-syndicalist pamphlets in with these guys' Beano comics! This is sturdy, above-average English pop-punk with some surprisingly infectious hooks. But the foursome (originally from Oxford but based in London) ain't just disaffected youngsters lookin' for a kiss (or any ol' white riot) — they're searching out the meaning of life in the post-industrial capitalist system. As long as you've got the tunes, fellas — go for it!

Zounds later issued a singles compilation on an Italian label. The reissues of their lone album contains singles and other bonus material.

[Jim Green]