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NOVEMBER GROUP (Buy CDs by this artist)
November Group EP (Modern Method) 1981
Persistent Memories EP (Brain Eater) 1983
Work That Dream EP (A&M) 1985

Boston's November Group starts with a powerful rhythm section, and then adds Kearney Kirby's synthesizers, sporadic guitar and Ann Prim's stern vocals to make slick, modern dance music utterly devoid of warmth. The first record is unnervingly more suited to marching than dancing or listening. Persistent Memories shows more diversity and less formula, and introduces a promising factory number, "Put Your Back to It." The far more accomplished Work That Dream, recorded by Kirby and Prim in Frankfurt with German musicians, takes another intriguing swipe at "Put Your Back to It." The other tunes are less distinguished, but all are functional for club play.

[Ira Robbins]