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BL'AST! (Buy CDs by this artist)
The Power of Expression (Wishing Well) 1984 (SST) 1987
It's in My Blood (SST) 1987
Take the Manic Ride (SST) 1989

Formed in 1982 as M.A.D., this Santa Cruz quartet was obviously touched by the message of Black Flag's mid-period work. The rumble on the bottom, the elliptical scrambling of Mike Neider's guitar and the bellicose roar of Clifford Dinsmore's vocals all bring post-Damaged Flag to mind. Considering the lame thrash that many of their skate-punk peers were purveying at the time, Bl'ast! should be saluted for taking a far less generic stance. (The CD of It's in My Blood includes both sides of the "School's Out" single.)

[Byron Coley]