Zero Boys

  • Zero Boys
  • Vicious Circle (Nimrod) 1982  (Toxic Shock) 1988  (Lookout/Panic Button) 2000  (Secretly Canadian) 2009 
  • History Of (Affirmation) 1984  (Secretly Canadian) 2009  (Magnetic South) 2014 
  • The Heimlich Maneuver (Skyclad) 1993 
  • Make It Stop (Bitzcore) 1996 
  • Hollywood EP10 (Let's Pretend) 2014 
  • Monkey (Z-Disk) 2014 
  • Datura Seeds
  • Who Do You Want It To Be? (Toxic Shock) 1990 

Vicious Circle is another example of how U.S. hardcore seemed to peak coast-to-coast in 1982. With attention focused on the well-established scenes, however, who would have expected an album this loaded with intensity, zeal, smarts, hooks and chops to come from Indianapolis? The young quartet is surprisingly tight, and recording quality is impeccable, zooming like an amplified dragster. “Civilization’s Dying” (with commentary on the then-recent shootings of John Lennon, Ronald Reagan and the Pope), “Dirty Alleys/Dirty Minds” and “Hightime” all zip by fast and hard (yet crystal clear), while others like “New Generation” and “Livin’ in the 80’s” are real “My Generation” calls to arms. (The Toxic Shock reissue of Vicious Circle has six bonus cuts tacked on (and this is vinyl!), including three from The Master Tape, Vol 1 compilation.)

Two members of Zero Boys went on to join Toxic Reasons; singer/guitarist Paul Mahern, who established himself as a leading area producer, formed another sharp band, the power-poppy Datura Seeds. Recorded as a quartet, Who Do You Want It to Be? is a diverse and substantial LP with impressively tuneful songs and spunky delivery.


[Jack Rabid]