Zeni Geva

  • Zeni Geva
  • How to Kill (Japan. Nux Organization) 1987 
  • Live on Suicide [tape] (Japan. Nux Organization) 1988 
  • Maximum Love and Fuck (Japan. Nux Organization) 1988 
  • Maximum Money Monster (UK Pathological) 1990 
  • Total Castration (Public Bath) 1991 
  • Nai-Ha (Japan. NG) 1992  (Skin Graft) 1996 
  • Live in Amerika (Nux Organization/Charnel Music) 1993 
  • Desire for Agony (Alternative Tentacles) 1994 
  • Freedom Bondage (Alternative Tentacles) 1995 
  • Trance Europe Experience (Nux Organization/Charnel Music) 1995 
  • Implosion EP (Aus. Black Hole) 1996 
  • 10,000 Light Years (Neurot) 2001 
  • Zeni Geva & Steve Albini
  • All Right, You Little Bastards! (Japan. NG) 1994 

The IBAS — the International Brotherhood of Aggressive Skronk — helps explain why several albums by this dark-hearted Tokyo noise trio would wind up being produced to an indistinct roar by Steve Albini in his Chicago basement. Founded in 1987 by singer/guitarist Kazuyuki (KK) Null with guitarist Mitsuru Tabata and ex-Hanatarashi drummer Taketani (which doesn’t explain the sometimes audible bass throbs), Zeni Geva extrudes venomous thrash with a death metal sensibility and the kick-pedal frequency of hardcore industrialism. Exaggerated beyond the point of horribility, Zeni Geva is pure radioactive sonic grub, a malevolent sonic horrorshow as pointlessly unpleasant as any band going.

Tucked behind a stunningly crude cover, Total Castration is a groaning mass of gory riff decimation over which Null bellows his harsh, elemental lyrics: “I Want You,” “I Hate You,” the labored and relatively intricate “Shoot Me With Your Blood,” “Godflesh” (which might be a tribute, but it’s hard to tell). Desire for Agony commits similar crimes: “Autopsy Love,” “Heathen Blood,” “The Body.” The six tracks recorded in a Dutch studio by Ronal Trijber for Trance Europe Experience are appealingly toned-down versions of old faves, mostly from Desire for Agony; the disc also includes three rough’n’raw live tracks.

Null has also released dozens of cassettes and CDs solo, in collaboration with other musicians and with his former trio, ANP (Absolut Null Punkt).

[Ira Robbins]

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