We Are Going to Eat You

  • We Are Going to Eat You
  • I Wish I Knew EP (All the Madmen) 1987 
  • Everywhen (TVT) 1989 

Pure pop lives in the luscious textures of this snazzy London quartet. Despite the stupid name, We Are Going to Eat You have a magic formula, blending Julie Sorrel’s cool, heavenly voice, Paul Harding’s bracing guitar chords and catchy, other-worldly tunes, largely written by drummer Chris Knowles, once the only male in a pop-punk band called Hagar the Womb. While the 12-inch EP is decent enough, Everywhen is a gas, with “If You Believe,” “Glory” and “Each Life a Mystery” achieving a state of three-minute grace. File with Buzzcocks, Primitives, Darling Buds.

[Jon Young]