• Uzeda
  • Out of Colours (It. A.V. Arts) 1991 
  • Waters (It. A.V. Arts) 1993 
  • The Peel Sessions (UK Strange Fruit) 1994 
  • 4 EP (Touch and Go) 1995 
  • Different Section Wires (Touch and Go) 1998 

Catania, Sicily’s Uzeda (named for an ancient entrance into the city) plays angular start/stop aggression with uncommon time signatures. At least, that’s what the Italian quintet (more recently a quartet) eventually did. Out of Colors is a soft-edged approach towards what Uzeda would become. On it, Giovanna Cacciola offers her throaty vocal dynamism over some rather trite compositions that benefit nonetheless from a strong rhythm section (drummer Davide Oliveri and bassist Raffaele Gulisano).

By the time of 4, however, Uzeda had figured out that it’s better to remove than add. The four songs (produced in France by Steve Albini, who also worked on Waters) use hammering repetition and silence to capture a greater immensity.

Albini continued his association with Uzeda in France for Different Section Wires, which sounds at times like mid-period Fugazi and is “dedicated to those who struggle to conserve the right to be themselves.” Oliveri continues to anchor the band’s music, driving its songs with his power and rhythmic control, while Cacciola and guitarist Agostino Tilotta paint the walls red with their energy and volume.

[Ben Goldberg / Ira Robbins]