• UN
  • UN (Siltbreeze) 1995 
  • Trans-Missions EP7 (Siltbreeze) 1996 
  • untitled [tape] (self-released) 1997 

Not since Jennifer Herrema mumbled her way through the first couple of Royal Trux albums has a band extracted such beauty from disjointed chaos. Marcia Bassett’s slurred vocals recall Nico after a few too many drinks, yet she sounds absolutely sublime when paired with guitarist Grant Acker’s minimal strumming.

UN’s self-titled debut is a masterwork of bedroom psychedelia. “Sixty Bux” moves in slow motion, as UN attempts to create a soundtrack for your next drugged stupor. “Fast Money Blues” has absolutely nothing formal to do with the blues, but wallows in as much sadness and pain as John Lee Hooker. The cassette release has two side-long practices that are actually worth hearing. Messy and incoherent, UN sounds as if recording only takes place after long bouts of sleep deprivation, but few can match the utter desolation of this deceptively simple music.

[Bill Cohen / Ben Goldberg]