• Twist
  • This Is Your Life (UK Polydor) 1979 

This obscure transitional band has loads of fascinating history, the details of which are thus: guitarist Pete Marsh had been in a schmaltzy duo which evolved into the horribly wimpy Easy Street, a British band signed to Georgia-based Capricorn Records. (Easy Street also included Richard Burgess, who later abandoned easy listening for synthesizer funk, working with Visage, Spandau Ballet and forming Landscape. He’s not in this band.) Twist bassist Andy Pask became a member of Landscape while Marsh went on to form pseudo-mystery band Blanket of Secrecy. Drummer Steve Corduner was an ex-member of Nasty Pop.

With guest stars Elvis Costello and Steve Nieve, it’s not overly surprising that This Is Your Life occasionally resembles My Aim Is True. An interesting album with some good songs, it deserved better than it got; despite the uncertain devotion of its members to bouncy rock’n’roll, together they carried it off admirably.

[Ira Robbins]