Traci Lords

  • Traci Lords
  • 1000 Fires (Radioactive) 1995 

Following in the awful tradition of English t&a star Samantha Fox, actress Traci Lords throws her voice into the dance music ring with this album of pumping house beats. Taking able writing/production help from such styling studio gurus as Ben Watkins, Babble, Juno Reactor and Mike Edwards of Jesus Jones, Lords manages to coo and whisper her way through innocuous tagline lyrics (“I Want You,” “Fallen Angel,” “Say Something,” “Good-n-Evil,” “Okey Dokey”) notable mainly for their chaste imagery and language. The only erotic content (and convincing proof of Lords’ creative involvement) on 1000 Fires is “Father’s Field,” a disturbing childhood rape recollection recited melodramatically over ambient Babble beats.

[Terry Rompers]