Toto Coelo (Total Coelo)

  • Toto Coelo (Total Coelo)
  • "I Eat Cannibals" (Radialchoice/Chrysalis) 1982 

As what had once been the radical impetus of new wave continued to be inundated by novelty records by opportunistic fun-lovers capable of colorfully mild outrage, along came five proto Spice Girls (Lindsey, Lacey, Anita, Sheen and Ros) dubbed Toto Coelo. Their great single, “I Eat Cannibals,” was written and produced by ace British pop hack Barry Blue. Over a big mock-jungle beat, the ladies winningly chant their nonsense lyrics, making this a memorable exercise in harmless silliness. In America, where (because of the group Toto?) their name became Total Coelo, the song was released on a 12-inch in long and short versions with a second number called “Mucho Macho.” You get the idea.

[Ira Robbins]