Tom Troccoli’s Dog

  • Tom Troccoli's Dog
  • Tom Troccoli's Dog (SST) 1985 
  • October Faction
  • The October Faction (SST) 1985 
  • The Second Factionalization (SST) 1986 

Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn produced and played bass for this Tom Troccoli’s Dog, a trio whose low-key, Neil Youngish album (cover drawn by D. Boon) includes everything from a politely acoustic “Girl from the North Country” to occasionally anarchic meltdowns like “Suicide,” “Slow Dancing” and “Davo’s Boogie.”

Something of an SST house-party, Ginn’s October Faction is an occasional and meaningless self-indulgence. October Faction was recorded live in San Francisco in 1984 and features guitarist Joe Baiza, Chuck Dukowski, Tom Troccoli and even Henry Rollins wailing away on seven tuneless songs that are only sporadically interesting.

The miserable second record has much the same lineup but doesn’t bother cutting the formless guitar-rock improvisations into individual pieces. Instead, it contains only an appalling Baiza-Ginn guitar duel, “Sam,” and “Pocohontas,” which runs for 20 minutes on one side and continues for thirteen more on the back.

[Ira Robbins]