Taxi Girl

  • Taxi Girl
  • Cherchez le Garcon (Fr. Parthé Marconi/EMI) 1980  (Fr. Fan Club) 1988 
  • Seppuku (UK Mankin/Virgin) 1981 
  • Suite et Fin? (Fr. Fan Club) 1989 
  • Quelque Part Dans Paris (Fr. Fan Club) 1990 

Two Stranglers — Jean-Jacques Burnel (producer) and Jet Black (drummer) — take part in Seppuku; otherwise, France’s Taxi Girl here consists of singer Danielle Darc, a keyboard player and guitarist Mirwais, who would grow up to become Madonna’s techno-savvy producer. Regardless, Seppuku is a pretentious load of nonsense, suave and arty arrangements and playing ankled by lifeless songs. The bored vocals only mirror the album’s likely effect on listeners.

Suite et Fin? is a posthumous compilation containing some previously unreleased material. Quelque Part Dans Paris is a live album recorded in 1979.

[Ira Robbins]