Tappi TÍkarrass

  • Tappi TÍkarrass
  • Miranda (Ice. Gramm) 1983 

The band’s name is Icelandic for “Cork The Bitch’s Arse,” but its main claim to fame is petite wailer Björk Gudmundsdöttir, the future Sugarcubes star who was the lead singer and a founding member of this appealing but limited Reykjavik quartet. Björk was only in her mid-teens when Tappi Tíkarrass released their sole LP (a six-track 12-inch had appeared in ’82). But the erotic intensity of her delivery belies her years, and she revels in the operatic zigzagging — from spookhouse cooing to hellish growling and skyscraping whoops — that has distinguished her work in the ‘Cubes. Indeed, her performances here generally eclipse the music, which is haunting but melodically parched gloom-beat of the early Cure/Banshees variety.

[David Fricke]