Swingin’ Neckbreakers

  • Swingin' Neckbreakers
  • Live for Buzz (Telstar) 1993 
  • Shake Break! (Telstar) 1995 
  • Kick Your Ass (Telstar) 1997 
  • The Return of Rock (Telstar) 2000 

This no-nonsense trio from Trenton, New Jersey embodies the best qualities of the contemporary garage-band genre, combining hook-filled songs (their own, as well as well-chosen covers) with a pummeling instrumental attack and an all-too-rare — in this context, anyway — ability to swing. Produced by ex-Das Damen drummer and future Matador music publishing exec Lyle Hysen, Live for Buzz is a blast from start to finish, boasting consistently catchy tunes, punchy playing and an engagingly cocky attitude manifested in bassist Tom Jorgenson’s vocal sneer and smart-assed lyrics. If Shake Break! isn’t quite as consistent, it’s darn close.

[Scott Schinder]