• Spitballs
  • Spitballs (Beserkley) 1978 

Not a band but a wonderful novelty album made at the height of the Beserkley label’s prominence and activity, Spitballs employed everyone then on the roster — the Modern Lovers, Greg Kihn Band, Earthquake, the Rubinoos and Sean Tyla — in various permutations on 15 rollicking cover versions of songs from the ’60s. The album is a joyous celebration of the participants’ fandom and roots, a thoroughly entertaining collection of great tunes re-created with affection and élan. The repertoire includes “The Batman Theme,” “Chapel of Love,” “Boris the Spider” and “Bad Moon Rising.” It matters little who’s playing or singing what, as the Spitballs are playing only favorites. Except for its incidental responsibility for the welter of tribute albums that have followed, Spitballs scores a direct hit.

[Ira Robbins]