Something Happens

  • Something Happens
  • Been There, Seen That, Done That (UK Virgin) 1988 
  • I Know Ray Harman EP (UK Virgin) 1988 
  • Stuck Together With God's Glue (Charisma) 1990 

This Dublin quartet played straightforward guitar-based pop-rock, refreshingly free of the ’60s trappings or indie- dance copycatism of many likeminded UK and Irish contemporaries.

Arguments over the mix on the Tommy Erdelyi-produced debut album precipitated the release of a six-song live set recorded before a crowd of the converted. As it previews a couple of songs from the then-imminent Been There, the EP (named for the group’s lead guitarist) is not mandatory, but it is fun.

Been There was finally released at the end of ’88, remixed and containing two Vic Maile-produced tracks in place of three deletions. Unspectacularly pleasant, it announces a band that could well become a huge commercial property. The fact that Tom Dunne’s vocals often bear an uncanny resemblance to Bono’s doesn’t hurt the group’s chances.

Stuck Together With God’s Glue is much more assured, boasting a varied selection of songs and tougher production by Ed Stasium. With a catchy chorus and comically awkward syntax, “Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, (Petrol)” is a certified shoulda-been hit; the sumptuously melancholy “Kill the Roses” takes things in a more textured, moody direction. Good show.

[Doug Brod]