Serious Young Insects

  • Serious Young Insects
  • Housebreaking (Aus. Native Tongue) 1982 

At times, this (Melbourne) Australian trio, originally a five-piece, resembles the Police — intricate, subtle rhythms smoothly interwoven with fluid guitar and bass lines — but these guys (as the band’s handle might indicate) have more whimsical ideas than that. There’s a song called “I Want Cake” which is simply the title chanted, mantra-like, over a pulsing dance instrumental. Other tunes — “Parents Go Mental,” “Why Can’t I Control My Body?” — play up an XTC-like side, although there are evident traces of the Jam and others as well. The Insects’ playing is excellent and their tunes well-developed. Housebreaking is a strange record and well worth finding.

[Ira Robbins]