Rich Kids

  • Rich Kids
  • Ghosts of Princes in Towers (EMI) 1978  (Fame) 1983 

After being squeezed out of the Sex Pistols, bassist/singer Glen Matlock formed the Rich Kids with guitarist Midge Ure and drummer Rusty Egan (both of whom later collaborated on Visage, with Ure eventually going on to join Ultravox), plus one Steve New. During their tempestuous year-long alliance, the Rich Kids managed only one album, ludicrously misproduced into a muffled mess by Mick Ronson. Despite abysmal sound, the band’s talent emerges, and Ghosts is an extraordinary album of daring experimental rock/pop that has two utterly brilliant pieces (the title track and “Marching Men”) plus a few others nearly as good. While the predominant guitar work is occasionally mundane, there are enough novel ideas and convincing songs to make this uniquely flavored project survive the audio bloodbath and emerge victorious.

[Ira Robbins]

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