Raw Power

  • Raw Power
  • Screams from the Gutter (Toxic Shock) 1985 
  • Wop Hour EP (Toxic Shock) 1986 
  • After Your Brain (Toxic Shock) 1987 

In an interesting bit of Euro-American hardcore fraternity, the debut album by this Italian punk band — five guys from Reggio — was recorded in Indiana and issued by a California label. On Screams from the Gutter, Raw Power plays genre creations like “Hate,” “Nihilist,” “Bastard” and “My Boss” with fiery punk venom, helpfully singing them in English. (The cassette adds the contents of Wop Hour, a subsequent four-song 7-inch.)

After Your Brain offers far better production and more instrumental refinement, but Raw Power still burns up the grooves on thirteen new cuts like “You Are Fired,” “We Shall Overcome,” “Shut Up” and “What For.” Mauro’s careful diction makes him clearer and more understandable than many American vocalists; the two guitarists (one of them a new arrival in the band) work hard to avoid sounding routine. A powerful piece of work.

[Ira Robbins]