• Raped
  • Pretty Paedophiles EP7 (Parole) 1977 
  • Cuddly Toys
  • Guillotine Theatre (UK Fresh) 1981 
  • Trials and Crosses (UK Fresh) 1982 

As (lower) class-of-’77 punks, these London buttheads released a 7-inch EP of sub-Clash pop aggression which included their idiotic but hardly shocking 1:20 theme song, “Raped.” Along with a name change to Cuddly Toys, the quartet dyed their hair, donned androgynous threads and began playing Bowie-style glam-rock. Despite an auspicious debut 45 (covering “Madman,” the only song ever co-written by Bowie and Marc Bolan), their first album is merely a pathetic attempt to clone Ziggy Stardust; lacking anything original or clever to add, it’s a total flop. Trials and Crosses, by a revamped lineup (retaining only singer Sean Purcell), tries to be more modern by adding early-’80s rhythms and keyboards, but comes up similarly devoid of creativity and substance.

[Ira Robbins]