Plastic Theatre Art Band

  • Plastic Theatre Art Band
  • Live at Luna Park (Plastic Echo) 1995 

In 1966, young trumpeter Tommy Peltier cut an LP (recently reissued) of his compositions as leader of the Jazz Corps, which at the time featured multi-reed jazz titan Roland Kirk. Nearly 30 years later, Peltier reinvented himself as an elfin singer/songwriter/synth-guitarist…and it works, with an oddly dignified grandiosity, counterpoising airy-fairy songs about “Angel Feathers” with earthy images of Louisiana. Blending precious pop, classical, jazz, New Orleans R&B and a dollop of gospel, Peltier’s leaps from arch (almost British-sounding) baritone to startling falsetto are matched with Lynn Fanelli’s more conventional (but darned soulful) warbling, propelled/embellished by Peltier’s quasi-orchestral (if somewhat undermixed) synth-guitar, Louie Spears’ stand-up bass (plucked and bowed) and Timm Boatman’s percussion (more evocative than many a full set of traps).

[Jim Green]