Peter Godwin

  • Peter Godwin
  • Images of Heaven EP (Polydor) 1982 
  • Correspondence (Polydor) 1983 

Once a member of Duncan Browne’s group Metro, Godwin turned into a synth-rocker and cut some pleasant tracks as a solo artist. Three of the EP tracks (singles in the UK) were produced by budding techno-sound designer Georg Kajanus (once of Sailor); the remaining entry by Midge Ure (still of Ultravox), whose then-bandmate, drummer Warren Cann, helps out. The one outstanding track is the title tune, which resembles Ultravox or Simple Minds.

Correspondence continues Godwin’s association with Kajanus and imports a batch of keyboard players and guitarists for more well-crafted, occasionally memorable, adult synth-rock.

[Ira Robbins]