Our Daughters Wedding

  • Our Daughters Wedding
  • Digital Cowboy EP (EMI America) 1981 
  • Moving Windows (EMI America) 1982 

This snappy San Francisco-relocated-to-New York electro-pop trio’s 1980 indie single “Lawnchairs” became a dancefloor favorite, combining a good beat and a catchy hook with absurdist lyrics of bemused paranoia (“Lawnchairs are everywhere”). Unfortunately, the five-song Digital Cowboy, produced by Colin Thurston, makes the mistake of redoing “Lawnchairs” with a real drummer (and not just any real drummer, but Simon Phillips) and badly rephrased vocals.

Before retiring into the annals of one-hit-wonderdom, ODW made a full-length album, managing to fit two memorable tunes (“She Was Someone” and “Elevate Her”) amid the rudimentary dance-pop.

[Robert Payes / Ira Robbins]