Old Skull

  • Old Skull
  • Get Out of School (Restless) 1989 

Billed as the youngest punk band in the world, these noisy Wisconsin tykes (two Toulon brothers and a non-fraternal drummer whose dad is in the Tar Babies) make a godawful calamity on Get Outta School, screaming and ripping through fifteen semi-coherent noisefests that are amusingly bad but still hard to believe as the work of nine-year-olds. With daddy Toulon (who has some connection to Missing Foundation) co-producing, these precocious skate-rockers switch from dead serious (“Homeless,” “AIDS”) to silly (“Hot Dog Hell”) in a flash, sounding like nothing so much as a pre-teen birthday party spiked with Jolt cola and amplifiers.

[Ira Robbins]