Naked Eyes

  • Naked Eyes
  • Burning Bridges (UK EMI) 1983 
  • Naked Eyes (EMI America) 1983 
  • Fuel for the Fire (EMI America) 1984 
  • Climie Fisher
  • Everything (Capitol) 1988 
  • Coming in for the Kill (Capitol) 1989 

Following closely in the wake of the far less wholesome Soft Cell, this vocalist-and-synthesist duo (Pete Byrne and Rob Fisher) from Bath had the good sense to (a) have hitmaker Tony Mansfield produce them and (b) cover a classic pop tune, Bacharach/David’s “Always Something There to Remind Me.” Thus armed, the pair’s assault on America was enormously successful. Naked Eyes (almost the same LP as Burning Bridges) contains the duo’s second hit single, “Promises, Promises,” and another good number, “Voices in My Head.” Fuel for the Fire has “(What) in the Name of Love” to recommend it, but little else.

The two Naked Eyes soon set off in different directions. Fisher did session work before forming another pop duo with Simon Climie, a singing songwriter with an effeminate Rod Stewart voice. Together they have made several albums of bland chart fodder. Climie went on to become Eric Clapton’s longtime creative partner.

[Ira Robbins]