• Monks
  • Bad Habits (UK Harvest) 1979 
  • Suspended Animation (Can. CBS) 1980  (Can. Cyberdisk) 1997 

Not the garage-rocking Monks who were American GIs stationed in Germany in the ’60s, this group was formed in England by Rick Hudson and John Ford, two alumni of Strawbs who stuck together and had some success as a duo after that folk-rock group’s demise in the ’70s. These Monks were a snarky attempt by rock’s old farts to survive punk’s ascendance in the late ’70s by parodying it. No matter that the second album has better production or that by then there were more new wave trends to spoof; both discs proved that the Monks could be nasty and/or tasteless but rarely funny. They even, evidently, had trouble faking rock’n’roll. (In fact, the same fellas subsequently made an album of 1930s-style music under the name High Society.) The reissue (on CD) of the Monks’ second album adds material recorded for an unissued third LP.

[Jim Green]