• Moist
  • Independent Release [tape] (Can. self-released) 1993 
  • Silver (Chrysalis/EMI) 1994 
  • Creature (Can. EMI) 1996  (Arista) 1997 
  • Little Songs (Can. Usher) 1998 
  • Mercedes Five and Dime (Can. EMI) 1999  (Capitol) 2000 
  • Machine Punch Through: The Singles Collection (Can. Moist) 2001 
  • David Usher
  • Little Songs (Nettwerk America) 1999 
  • Morning Orbit (Can. EMI) 2001 

Although the hot-wired guitars, dramatic tension and balls-to-the-great-unknown lyrics on Silver paint Vancouver’s Moist as a big-rocking modern quartet praying to a city to the southeast, David Usher’s weedy voice and a carefully controlled loud-pop sensibility suggest the quintet might owe equal loyalty to the arena-kings of Toronto, Rush. Moist was able to get itself chosen for the bottom of the bill (under Hole and Metallica) at Molson’s summer-of-’95 festival inside the Arctic Circle; that doesn’t improve the turgid heap of poorly executed and derivative mediocrity that is Silver, however.

[Ira Robbins]