• M.I.R.V.
  • Cosmodrome (Prawn Song/Mammoth) 1994 
  • Limbomaniacs
  • Stinky Grooves (In Effect) 1990 

Co-produced, engineered, played on and issued by Les Claypool, the album by Primus pal M.I.R.V. (Mark Haggard, formerly a guitarist in the Limboniacs, an efficient but obnoxious funk/rap joke whose Stinky Grooves is fairly summarized by its title) is a ridiculous smoking-cornsilk concept album with the same sort of Zappa-meets-the-Firesign-Theater sniggering and hallucinatory dislocation that afflicts Primus, but with a bit less virtuoso bluster. Spoken parts and phone calls in goofy voices by assorted characters, sound effects, jazzy instrumental interludes and a few actual songs add up to the kind of stupid amusement good for a few well-baked chuckles in the college dorm. Once. Maybe.

[Ira Robbins]

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