Kevin Dunn and the Regiment of Women

  • Kevin Dunn and the Regiment of Women
  • The Judgement of Paris (DB) 1981 
  • No Great Lost: Songs, 1979-1985 (Casa Nueva) 2010 
  • Kevin Dunn
  • C'est toujours a la même guitare. EP (Press) 1984 
  • Tanzfeld (Press) 1986 

The Judgement of Paris is a striking modern-music pop album by this onetime member of Atlanta’s great pioneering independent band, the Fans. In reality a solo album, with lots of synths and guitars, Dunn mixes technical flash with semi-demented musical ideas, camouflaging nutty lyrics in engaging melodies and closing out the proceedings with an instrumental “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” complete with devolving rhythms.

Dunn’s next release, a six-song EP, is far more ambitious but less adventurous, using guitar (adjusted with effects and varied playing styles) as a textural device to create fascinating, highly arranged clever avant-pop songs. (The cassette has two extra tracks, including one re-recorded from Paris.)

Tanzfeld is simply brilliant, a collection of adroit pop tunes wrapped with perceptive, informed lyrics. Besides such inspired originals as “Nam,” “Giovinezza” (also on the first LP) and “Clear Title,” there are wickedly satirical covers of “Burning Love,” “Louie Louie” and other classics. Great!

[Ira Robbins]