K-9 Posse

  • K-9 Posse
  • K-9 Posse (Arista) 1988 

That Vernon Lynch Jr. of the K-9 Posse has an elder sibling named Eddie Murphy (a fact of life he addresses on “Somebody’s Brother”) might have helped his group get a record deal and hook up serious talent to play (including Nile Rodgers and Richie Fliegler) on its competently routine album, but Lynch’s writing and delivery skills are more than adequate enough to prevent embarrassing questions of nepotism. At the most interesting juncture of K-9 Posse, the analytic young poet runs down a solid treatise on his art: “Precision is important not just in quantity / Because any Tom or Dick can write a whole book / Of words that rhyme and don’t have a hook / Or something to grab you and keep you suspended / As well as a DJ to keep the music blended.”

[Ira Robbins]