Jane and Jeff Hudson

  • Jane and Jeff Hudson
  • World Trade EP (Infidelity) 1981 
  • Flesh (J&J) 1983 
  • Jane and Jeff [tape] (self-released) 1996 
  • Zeta Brew (self-released) 1997 
  • Burn (self-released) 2002 

The Hudsons were two-thirds of the Rentals, a Boston band whose punky tunes caused enough of a stir to have a self-released single picked up by Beggars Banquet and reissued in England. After relocating to New York, the duo turned to synthesizers and released a couple of records under their own name. For all its electronic weirdness, guitar processed almost beyond recognition and Jeff’s robotic vocals, the EP isn’t very threatening — it’s more goofy in spite of itself, including as it does a version of “Girl From Ipanema.” The album consists of standard early-’80s electro-pop with avant-garde aspirations that are injured by the lack of strong material.

Jane and Jeff eventually returned to Boston, where they swapped electronica for guitars and joined the faculty of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. They have continued to perform and record. Burn presents remakes of some of their early songs.

[Jim Green / Ira Robbins]