Insect Surfers

  • Insect Surfers
  • Wavelength (Wasp) 1980 
  • Sonar Safari EP (Wasp) 1983 
  • Reverb Sun (Skyclad) 1991 

Audacious production values, good pop songs in a number of flavors and skillful (but not slick) playing make Wavelength‘s eight songs, by one of Washington, DC’s better bands, a real pleasure. Nothing too serious here, just a batch of tuneful rock’n’roll numbers (including a cover of Wire’s “Ex Lion Tamer”) with lots of character, thanks to rudimentary synthesizer fills and solid guitar and vocals. Taking their name a bit more to heart, the EP tags some different bases, from bizarre beach music (“Sound of the Surf”) to Nazz’s “Open My Eyes” to instrumentals with ’60sish organ and guitar stylings.

[Ira Robbins]