• Hellmenn
  • Herbal Lunacy EP (Aus. Waterfront) 1987 
  • Bastard Sons of 10,000 Maniacs EP (Aus. Waterfront) 1988 
  • Mourning of the Earth (Aus. Waterfront) 1990 

Early on, these representatives of the rowdy Sydney surf-punk crowd showed only glimmerings of ability that might lift them above the garage-grunge mass — and oh, those inane lyrics! On the LP, a lot of the audible words are still dopey (one decent set are borrowed from someone else’s poem). Yet the band also shows some real melodic strength as they add folk-rock and other musical elements to their now-potent noise-rock. Too bad screamer Ben Brown can’t sing; the more demanding the song, the worse he sounds.

[Jim Green]