Hall of Fame

  • Hall of Fame
  • Hall of Fame (Amish) 1996 
  • Coliseum Rising EP7 (Amish) 1998 

Much like their New York peers in Tower Recordings, Dan Brown, Samara Lubelski and Theo Angel of Hall of Fame view four-track recording as an opportunity for acoustic instrument experimentation. Brown (who first earned his New York underground elite stripes playing with God Is My Co-Pilot) and Lubelski were in the pranksterish Salmon Skin, before a stint as the more straight-ahead rock group Pacer. Hall of Fame’s debut captures a variety of recorded-on-the-spot happenings, from the steady groove, meandering sounds and Can-influenced vocals of “One Little Too Little” to the percussive extravaganza “Nevada I.” Anything available becomes something you can bang, strum or blow into, and the result is an exciting excursion into the musical possibilities which lie in the very next room.

[Ben Goldberg]