• Gorillas
  • Message to the World (UK Raw) 1978 

In the beginning, it seemed as if the only new wave/punk bands to get noticed were politically minded, like the Pistols or Clash. That was tough luck for the (Hammersmith) Gorillas, an underrated London trio whose first few singles — especially “Gatecrasher” and “She’s My Girl” — were tight, mod-inspired rockers. Jesse Hector’s strained vocals recalled the best of Steve Marriott, while the rhythm section rocked with the fire of the Who. The Gorillas’ lone album isn’t as strong as prior 45s suggested, and a few of the tracks (such as an ill-advised version of Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady”) are dismal, but Message, for the most part, is upbeat and enjoyable.

[Charles P. Lamey]