• Gone
  • "Let's Get Real, Real Gone for a Change" (SST) 1986 
  • Gone II — But Never Too Gone! (SST) 1986 

Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn has pursued numerous side projects in recent years. Gone is an instrumental power trio that could use a vocalist as well as more organized power; the first album (named after an Elvis Presley remark) meanders aimlessly like a badly run rehearsal session.

The song-things on Gone II (cover artwork by Ginn) are more coherent and tolerable, but still fall short of justifying the band’s existence. Riffs with solos make good interludes, but sixteen unengaging pieces in a row do not a good time make. Is the world ready for heavy metal wallpaper? Still, give Rollins Band-er Andrew Weiss well-earned credit for bitchin bass work.

[Ira Robbins]