Gina X Performance

  • Gina X Performance
  • Nice Mover (UK EMI) 1979 
  • X-traordinaire (UK EMI) 1980 
  • Gina X
  • Yinglish (UK Statik) 1984 

Gina X is beautiful Teutonic singer Gina Kikoine with backing by a German synths-and-drums trio (adding guitar for the second album) that plays technically impressive smooth (but dull) dance-rock. On Nice Mover and X-traordinaire, Kikoine’s expressionless voice isn’t exactly pleasant; her lyrics are in English (and occasionally French), but that doesn’t help the lifeless songs any. Boring!

With Kikoine opting for solo billing, Yinglish continues her association with producer/keyboard player/co-writer Zeus B. Held (Dead or Alive, Fashion) and guitarist Dierk Hill; otherwise the cast is new. She sings nonsensical poseur lyrics variously in English, French and German; a cover of the Beatles’ “Drive My Car” and a Serge Gainsbourg song offer some connection to the known world. The music displays an awareness of Yello and dance music developments like scratch mixing, while expanding the palette to include subtler forms. Gina’n’Zeus are reaching for a fey artiness that just isn’t worth finding. Kikoine’s vocal skills are improved, but sometimes misdirected; the album has its moments, but a lot of tedious patches as well.

[Ira Robbins]