Gerty Farish

  • Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers
  • Save the Ants by Assembling This Rocket So That They Can Escape the Earth EP10 (self-released) 1997 
  • Gerty Farish
  • Bulks Up (Load) 1998 

From the same overamplified home electronics realm as Shizuo and Rancid Hell Spawn, Gerty Farish records Casio noises, screamed vocals and three-chord guitar runs through blaring fuzz. Like its peers, Farish knows a sense of humor is the best way to approach this kind of music. The jacket of Save the Ants, a split release with Pissed Officers, is die cut for the purpose urged in the title. Jess Daniels and John Donahue, who emerged from Boston’s WHRB Record Hospital school of obnoxious punk teachings, shoot through eight noise-pop fun songs with delirious glee.

On Bulks Up, they keep things blaringly succinct — no songs exceed the two-minute mark or sink below 120 beats per minute. The duo squeezes novelty sounds into breakneck beats as if they had finally discovered the secret to combining disco and punk, upholding both the fun of the former and the energy of the latter.

[Ben Goldberg]