Geile Tiere

  • Geile Tiere
  • Geile Tiere (Ger. GeeBeeDee) 1981 

To underscore the meaning of their name (“horny animals”), this self-billed “electronic sex band” put a photo of one horse mounting another on its LP cover. That aside, there’s nothing erotic or even vulgar (in a sexual sense) about this German duo’s music or bilingual lyrics. The vocals, processed through a harmonizer to add or subtract Mickey Mouse and/or Darth Vader timbres, are heavily emphasized, but Geile Tiere’s staple tactic of repetition removes meaning from words like “sex” and “love.” Luciano Castelli and ex-Nina Hagenite Salome (an androgynous male) fill the rest of their soundscapes with scratchy guitar and bleepy synth in terse phrases with the beat supplied by a rhythm box. Not only is it unencouraging as dance music, Geile Tiere goes nowhere with no flair.

[Jim Green]