• Friggs
  • America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine Parody EP10 (Sympathy for the Record Industry) 1994 
  • Today Is Tomorrow's Yesterday (Singles & unreleased songs) (Apex East) 2008 
  • Palmyra Delran
  • She Digs the Ride EP (Apex East) 2008 

This all-female New York-area quartet (including guitarist Palmyra Delran, late of Pink Slip Daddy, and lead singer Jezebel) played an appealing brand of surfy garage-pop that isn’t really done justice by their Ben Vaughn-produced four-song 10-inch, which suffers from thin playing but does feature neat cover art paying tribute to Creem magazine. Though an obscure Kim Fowley cover and the instrumental “Conestoga Nova” are not without charm, the Friggs’ virtues are far better represented on their singles.

Wisely, those singles, the EP and three previously unissued demos are compiled on the 2008 release, which is a rollicking good time. Stylistically diverse, pleasantly unhinged and competent enough to be satisfying, the 15 tracks straddle everything from reverb-soaked girl-group romance (“Wild Love,” from 1992) to fuzzed-out sleaze (“Bad Word for a Good Thing,” 1993) ragin’ rockabilly (the marvelous “Momma Blew a Hoody,” 1995). As the booklet notes, the Friggs have left the building, but this is a fine souvenir of their stay.

[Scott Schinder / Ira Robbins]