Follow for Now

  • Follow for Now
  • Follow for Now (Chrysalis) 1991 

Early emissaries of Atlanta’s ’90s musical uprising and the city’s most impressive band to miss the commercial nerve, the eclectic Follow for Now nailed a shred-guitar sound (hence the Living Colour comparisons) to a contagious warm spirit and discreetly political lyrics (prefiguring Arrested Development to a degree). The group moved along a modern continuum from rock to funk with an adaptable rhythmic sense and an unpredictable mix-and-match stylistic menu (giving rise to a little Fishbone flavor). The quintet has no trouble following a kick-ass rock cover of Public Enemy’s “She Watch Channel Zero” with a shmeary piano-cum-power ballad (“Time”), tripping into a lazy late-night funk groove (“Fire ‘n Snakes,” a bizarre traveling tribute to music’s black founding fathers) and then pulling out the stops for a tunefully driving rocker (“Evil Wheel”). Other moves on the surprise-packed, open-minded and entertaining Follow for Now include Hendrixisms (“Ms. Fortune”), metallic ska (the anti-racist “White Hood”) and rapped thrash (“Milkbone,” which announces, “In a minute we’ll groove you/Now we’d like to mosh”).

[Ira Robbins]