Flowered Up

  • Flowered Up
  • A Life With Brian (London) 1991 

Under a banner of contrary cleverness, this London rock quintet grows its garden with a smidge of Happy Mondays’ danceable stutter-beat bottom, lots of energetic guitar, sporadic trumpet bleats and singer Liam Maher’s strongly accented comments on Ecstasy worship in songs like “Sunshine” and “Mr Happy Reveller.” Like a watched pop, A Life With Brian is slow to develop, but when it does-in the pulsing party grooves of “Silver Pan” and “Phobia” and the atmospheric keyboard washes of “Doris…Is a Little Bit Partial”-it’s worth the wait. One J. Strummer is credited with “additional lyrics” in “Take It,” but the sodden mix discourages any serious consideration of his contribution.

[Terry Rompers]