Electric Eels

  • Electric Eels
  • Having a Philosophical Investigatino with the Electric Eels (Tinnitus) 1989 

Recorded in 1975, Having a Philosophical Investigation With the Electric Eels is one lost recording by a legendary band that actually lives up to its hype. Cleveland’s Electric Eels bridge the gap between Trout Mask Replica-era Beefheart/Love It to Death-era Alice Cooper and punk rock proper. It would certainly be safe to say that there would be no Pere Ubu without this band which, at various points (none chronicled on this record), contained future Ubu members; the album does, however, have future Cramp Nick Knox as its drummer. But that’s not even the half of it. Having a Philosophical Investigation is a wonderful, careening and genuinely surreal record, a terrific example of just how far a band can go with lots of squealy amplification and a rotten attitude. Once heard, tunes like “Cyclotron,” “Agitated” and “Refrigerator” will not easily go away. And that’s still not the half of it.

[Glenn Kenny]