• Editors
  • The Back Room (Fader Label) 2005 

Like their pesky namesakes, the Bunnymen just can’t stop breeding. While Joy Division and Gang of Four are the icons most often namechecked by 21st century post-punk revivalists, it’s the (unfairly) less critically revered McCulloch and Co. who are the most echoed. Supposed Joy Division clones Interpol really sound very little like Unknown Pleasures but an awful lot like Heaven Up Here. So credit Birmingham’s Editors (who sound an awful lot like Interpol, in fact) for being upfront about hopping down the bunny trail, and credit the quartet even more for doing a very good job of it. The Back Room isn’t the least bit original, but it isn’t the least bit boring, either — there’s not a bum track in the lot. It’s a great album and a very worthy grandchild of Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here, making a strong case for Editors being the pick of the litter of baby bunnies.

[Brad Reno]