Dwight Twilley

  • Dwight Twilley Band
  • Sincerely (Shelter) 1976 
  • Twilley Don't Mind (Shelter/Arista) 1977 
  • Dwight Twilley
  • Dwight Twilley (Arista) 1979 
  • Scuba Divers (EMI America) 1982 
  • Phil Seymour
  • Phil Seymour (The Boardwalk Entertainment Co.) 1980 
  • Phil Seymour 2 (The Boardwalk Entertainment Co.) 1982 

When Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour — known collectively as the Dwight Twilley Band — scored a hit single in 1975 with “I’m on Fire,” it looked as if they were going to be unstoppable. The ingenious melody, tight, driving rhythm and sparkling harmonies spelled instant pleasure for fans who longed for the golden era of ’60s pop bands. The album that followed was even more encouraging. Today, Sincerely remains a model of tidy yet lively pop, a perfect mixture of sweet and sour that covers a kaleidoscope of styles, from the playful Presley parody “TV” to the moody Lennon overtones of the title cut, to “Three Persons,” a flawless evocation of the Everly Brothers.

Unfortunately, Twilley and Seymour never again hit that peak. Twilley Don’t Mind suffers from duller material and lazier singing; it sounds like outtakes from Sincerely.

Following the underrates Seymour’s departure for a solo career, Dwight turned out the cleverly titled Twilley, a partial return to form. Although the songs are more memorable, the emphasis on bigger arrangements and an overtly romantic outlook makes Twilley more a would-be teen idol than a rocker.

He sharpens the focus on Scuba Divers. Tracks like “Dion Baby” and “I Found the Magic” boast intricate production and layers of heart-rending voices. Although a tuneful, credible effort, those who remember “I’m on Fire” will no doubt continue to expect Twilley’s records to offer something better.

[Jon Young]